How to hire the perfect fit
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Does staff turnover and hiring replacements make you want to bang your head on the desk in frustration?

Are you tired of wasting time, money and energy on hiring?

Especially when people don’t stay, don’t fit in or aren’t productive?

This is a critical issue… because your staff has a tremendous impact on every aspect of your practice, from repeat business, your day-to-day experience and your bottom line.


Turnover in veterinary practice can cost a fortune - the possible loss is staggering:


How the Process Works and What We Do for You:- We meet with you personally to determine

What if You Got Hiring Right More than 98% of the Time?

Everyone who works for you – receptionists, techs and managers – would be the perfect fit for your practice.

Imagine the valuable time you’d save. Time you could focus on helping patients – not on administration.

Your Solution? The Dream Team Elite System

Our proven system delivers the staff you need – people who are the perfect fit for your practice.

Our process is challenging for potential hires. In fact, statistically speaking, it’s harder to pass our hiring process than it is to get into Harvard!

All you’ll have to do is interview the applicants who have made it through our rigorous, no short-cuts process… applicants who already qualify as ideal candidates for YOUR Dream Team.

It's All Done For You - Every Single Aspect of the Process
The Result? Only "Top Tier Players" on Your Staff

Your practice will thrive and clients will sense how well-oiled your machine is. People prefer to visit a practice that “feels good”, where everything flows easily.
A practice staffed with your Dream Team achieves exactly that.

Imagine never again performing the mind-numbing task of sifting through resumes that don’t reveal the person behind the facts. Our system uncovers the person behind the resume for you – from skills and personality to being a true fit for your standards.

Best of all, you don’t get involved until we discover a fit for your DREAM TEAM. You won’t worry and wonder whether the new hire will work out – you’ll know!

Stop Wasting
Valuable Time and Money on the Hiring Process.
Our Turnkey System Delivers Dream Team Hires while Giving
You Even More!

Your hiring becomes a process of interviewing super qualified applicants, who have passed our extreme scrutiny and who we already know are a great fit for your practice.

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Hiring staff may be the costliest, most time consuming and uncertain task your practice undertakes. It does not have to be, not anymore!

Not hiring right now? It’s the perfect time to discover how easy it can be. When you need staff you’ll be prepared, ready and energized instead of drained, dreading the process.