How to Create Awesome Veterinary Recruitment Marketing Content

Just as you market to sell your veterinary services, you should also be marketing to attract top talent to join your team. In essence, you are “selling” your practice as a great place to work and the best option for job seekers. And just as with any other type of marketing, content is an essential component of the veterinary recruitment process. You may be thinking, “How am I supposed to create awesome content? I’m not a writer!” or, “I don’t have the time or budget for content creation.”

The good news is, these challenges can be overcome relatively easily. All you have to do is follow these five proven tips to creating amazing veterinary recruitment content. Best of all, you can do this without previous experience and even on a limited budget of time or money. Let’s take a look.

Tip #1 – Know your audience.

You probably already have an ideal client, but what about an ideal employee? Successful veterinary recruitment involves defining a candidate persona – that is, a semi-fictional representation of who you consider to be the ideal team member. What are the demographics of this person? What is their personality like? What are their likes, dislikes, desires and pain points? Where do they spend most of their time? These details will make it much easier to craft content that speaks to your ideal candidate and position it in places where it’s most likely to be noticed by them.

Tip #2 – Make it about them, not you.

The second important secret to creating awesome veterinary recruitment content is placing yourself in the shoes of your ideal candidate. Take a look at the details you’ve come up with while creating your candidate persona. What kinds of things matter most to them? What types of things would they like to know about? When you can get into the heads of your target pool of talent, you’ll be able to hone your content so that it resonates better with them.

Tip #3 – Be authentic.

Another important component of great recruitment content is authenticity. If you want to attract top talent to work in your clinic, you have to keep things real right from the get-go. If your content comes across as stuffy, insincere or fake, you won’t achieve what you’re aiming for. Use content as a tool to showcase the human side of your business. Use real pictures of your employees and provide an accurate glimpse into the culture of your practice. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be real.

Tip #4 – Repurpose.

As a busy vet, clinic owner and/or practice manager, creating a steady stream of content to help with your recruitment efforts can seem overwhelming. The good news is, there are plenty of ways you can optimize your time and resources while still delivering great quality content. Repurposing older content into different formats is a prime example. For instance, you might take a few popular blog posts and combine them to create an eBook. Or, you could take written content and turn it into a podcast or webinar. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Tip #5 – Curate.

Nothing says every piece of content you share has to be your own. In fact, curating great content from others provides your audience with more variety. It also comes across as less self-serving and gives you a bit of a breather from a content production standpoint. Plus, when you curate and give credit to others, you have the opportunity to develop mutually beneficial relationships so that when it comes time for them to curate content, they may return the favor and share yours with their own audiences. More exposure for you means a better chance at catching the eye of your perfect employee!

Content is an essential component of veterinary recruitment marketing. The five tips listed above should help make the experience less cumbersome and help you optimize your time more effectively without compromising on this important step in the recruitment process.