6 Modern Perks to Attract Top Veterinary Talent

Employee benefits are important because they help you to recruit and retain top talent. Companies like Facebook and Google have really upped the game when it comes to employee perks. And while smaller businesses – veterinary practices included – may not be able to offer such lavish fringe benefits as extended parental leave or unlimited vacation time, there are some “out-of-the-box” incentives that can help you attract ‘A-players’ to your team without breaking the bank or impacting productivity. Let’s take a look at a few such benefits below.

Flexible Schedules

In the veterinary industry, allowing employees to work from home is obviously not an option. What you can do, however, is offer a little bit of flexibility with your team’s scheduling. For instance, allow swing-shifts so that employees can stagger when they come in and how late they stay (provided everyone is on the same page and comfortable with such a schedule). If you are open on weekends, rotate who has to work so nobody feels trapped. Companies that offer flex schedules see as much as 63% fewer absences and lower turnover as a result, so the long-term benefits are well worth it.

Free Food

It may sound simple, but employer-provided food is one of the most popular perks among modern workers. Whether it’s something as simple as bringing in a box of donuts in the morning or something more formal, like having lunch catered every Friday, you may very well find that the way to your employees’ hearts is through their stomachs. And as a bonus, free meals do more than just save employees money. They also provide a valuable opportunity for team members to connect and collaborate, which can lead to better performance and greater retention levels over the long haul.

Health and Wellness Options

Beyond the basics, like quality health insurance and retirement plan options, today’s employees value perks that support their wellbeing outside of work. For instance, you might offer to pay for gym memberships (or at least pay a portion), or you may subsidize other wellness perks, such as a personal trainer or nutrition classes. These incentives are beneficial not just to the employee, but also to your practice. Think about it. Healthy people have more energy, less stress and are more productive overall. In other words, everyone wins.

Work-Life Balance

Most employers offer sick and vacation time, but it’s how they respond to requests for that time off that really makes the difference. For instance, did you know that nearly half of American workers do not use all of their allotted vacation days for fear of repercussions from their employer and/or coworkers? Show your employees that you genuinely care about their happiness by not only offering a generous time off package, but actively encouraging your team to take advantage of that plan.

Professional Development

Most of your employees are required to earn certain continuing education credits in order to remain compliant in the veterinary industry. That doesn’t mean they don’t have the desire to learn more. Give your staff the chance to expand their horizons beyond what’s mandated by offering perks like tuition reimbursement and financial support for pursuing other personal and professional development opportunities. When you invest in the desires of your employees, it will pay dividends for years to come.

Free Gifts or Discounted Services

You may already offer your employees a discount on veterinary services for their own pets, but beyond this, many employers also offer free gifts and other incentives to keep employees engaged and motivated. This can be something as simple as an Amazon gift card, a Netflix subscription, movie tickets or a restaurant gift certificate. Or you could partner with another local business to offer discounted services to your employees, such as dry cleaning or oil changes. Little gestures like these can go a long way toward winning the loyalty of your best team members.

These are just a few of the many different creative ways you can attract great employees to your veterinary team. Of course, doing so is really only half the battle. Good incentives might get those top performers through the door, but without a positive workplace environment and a solid practice culture, you won’t be able to keep them. Invest in all aspects of your employees’ lives and they will repay you with hard work and loyalty.