5 Tips to Get Your Newest Vet Off on the Right Foot

Congratulations on adding a new vet to your practice team. This is no easy feat – especially given the ever-growing talent shortage our industry is facing today. Now you have the task of not only getting your new associate off to a productive, successful start and helping them hit the ground running, but also getting your existing clientele excited about working with the newest member of your crew. Here are a few suggestions from our team of onboarding experts.

Prepare in advance of the newbie’s arrival.

Before you even bring someone new into the fold, start the ball rolling by mentioning it to your clients and the rest of the team. Let everyone in on the fact that you’re actively looking and working hard to find the perfect fit. Be specific about what that “perfect fit” means to you. Doing this can often quell the concerns of clients who are worried that the new vet will be different and may not treat them with the same level of care that they’re used to. Be clear about what your practice’s core values are and how important it is that anyone who comes aboard shares those same deep-rooted values.

Make an announcement.

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection and your chosen candidate has accepted your offer, it’s time to start building some excitement. Celebrate the upcoming new arrival with your team and your clients. There are a bunch of different ways you can do this, whether it’s welcoming the new employee on signage outside and inside your clinic, announcing the hire on your website and social media pages, or adding a blurb about it in your newsletter and any reminders you send out. The more legwork you do upfront to get people excited about the new hire, the less disruptive their arrival will be once that day comes.

Make some personal introductions.

Show your support and confidence in your new hire by taking the time to introduce him or her personally to clients as they come in with their pets. Try to find common ground wherever possible to help kick start some relationships. For instance, if you know your new associate shares a hobby or interest with a particular client, point this out during your introduction. Making those personal connections can work wonders for getting clients to feel more comfortable working with someone new.

Encourage new appointments.

Don’t just wait for your clients to take a chance on the new vet. Actively encourage them to give the latest team member a chance. Start by having your scheduling team focus on assigning upcoming appointments to the new associate. This can be challenging, especially for long-term clients who may prefer to see the doctor they know, trust and feel comfortable with. Have your front desk team address these concerns outright and convey a sense of excitement about meeting and getting to know the new associate.

Use call backs to build trust.

Call backs and follow ups may not be a favorite pastime of most busy vets, but they provide a golden opportunity for newer associates to start building relationships early on. If you’ve got some promising lab results that just came back or a few patients who are recovering from surgery or some other recent procedure, why not ask the newest member of your team to reach out to those clients on your behalf? It’s a great way to make an early introduction and start establishing trust right out of the gate.

Starting a new job can be daunting for your new employee, not to mention the resistance to change you may face from some of your existing clientele. By making a deliberate effort to usher in the newest team member on a positive, productive note, you can sidestep many of these hiccups and get your new associate integrated much more quickly.

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