Could Facebook Be Your Secret Weapon for Recruiting?

Recruiting talented professionals for your veterinary team isn’t easy. The biggest problem is, we are currently operating in a candidates’ market. In other words, while there are certainly plenty of open jobs, the number of qualified applicants available to fill those jobs are scarce. With multiple clinics vying for the same small pool of prospects, the struggle is real. To overcome these challenges, you must be willing to explore every option available to you, and one that you may not yet have considered is Facebook.

Using Facebook ads for recruiting purposes may seem a bit unconventional, but hear us out. First, the platform offers the ability to target an audience in a way few other options can. It also offers tremendous flexibility in terms of being able to stop or pause, modify and restart a campaign at any given time. You also have the option to run multiple campaigns at the same time and test them to see which perform better. Being able to optimize on the fly can work wonders for getting the results you want, which is landing the perfect candidate for your open role(s). 

Is Facebook a good fit for your practice’s recruiting needs?

As beneficial as Facebook ads can be, they’re not necessarily good for every practice or every situation. For instance, if you’re recruiting for positions that don’t necessarily require a ton of industry experience, such as client service roles, you may not really need Facebook since you’ll probably be comfortable casting a much wider net. 

For more specialized roles, on the other hand, like assistants, technicians or vets, Facebook may be well worth adding into the mix. That’s because it can be used to zero in on qualified candidates by using more specific criteria, like job title or location. In this sense, Facebook can do much of the candidate weeding for you.

In general, the more targeted you get, the better your response rate will be. One practice put this theory to the test by running two simultaneous campaigns: one targeted to a broad audience and the other to a much narrower one. The broadly targeted campaign generated a click-through rate of just over 3%, while the one specifically targeted to veterinary professionals produced a CTR of nearly 13%. Both are above average, but the hyper-targeted ad generated incredibly impressive results.

Obviously, this is just one use case and each situation will be different. As with anything, there’s no guarantee that using Facebook ads will boost your recruitment efforts this much. But if you’re like most practices that are struggling right now to attract and land qualified candidates to fill their open roles, adding it to your other recruiting tactics is certainly worth a shot.

And, of course, if you’re still finding it difficult to adequately staff your practice or you simply don’t have the time, energy and resources to invest in Facebook or other recruiting methods, we’re here to help. Get in touch today and we’ll do all the legwork to find you the perfect candidates for your team. Let us become your ace in the hole!