6 Tips to Prevent Bad Hires

They say one bad apple can spoil the bunch, but this concept applies to much more than just a basket of fruit. It’s particularly appropriate in terms of the hiring process. Anyone who’s ever had the displeasure of managing a toxic employee can attest to how significant of an impact it can have on the entire team. For a smaller clinic, one bad employee could easily derail the success of the entire practice. 

The best way to avoid this is to hire right the first time. Easier said than done? Not necessarily. Here are a few expert tips to help you prevent making a bad hire in the future.

Be smart about where you source.

Not every job board is created equal. For example, the candidates you find via a site like Craigslist will probably not be as high a caliber as the ones you source through a more premium site, like Indeed or Glassdoor. That’s not to say you can’t occasionally find those hidden gems or that you shouldn’t cast a wide net. Just be mindful of the resources you are using and optimize your time and efforts accordingly.

Engage passive candidates.

Creating a talent pipeline of qualified candidates isn’t just a smart idea. It’s something that could mean the difference between surviving a staffing shortage and actually thriving in spite of it. And not just because you’ll have a pool of applicants at the ready, either. The fact is, building and nurturing relationships with your candidates will also make it much easier and more effective to identify those who would be the best fit for your team and practice culture. 

Host an open house.

A candidate that looks amazing on paper may be a terrible fit in real life, and vice versa. Hosting regular open house events will provide you the unique and valuable opportunity to actually meet and engage with your applicants in a more personal way. It’s also a great chance to demonstrate to your candidates what it’s like to work at your practice. This can naturally help narrow down your options to only those who will be best suited for the job and the team.

Make it a group effort.

Another effective way to avoid hiring the wrong person is to involve other interested parties in the hiring process. This is especially important for larger practices that have existing departments or separate teams. Making recruitment a group effort not only ensures that all the required and/or desired skills and personal characteristics are met for each role, but it also provides the opportunity to gather valuable insight from the perspective of others. You may not spot a bad apple, but someone else might.

Don’t rush things.

The pressure to fill open roles can lead to poor decisions that can cost your practice far more than just a headache. Bad hires can tank morale and lead to much higher staff turnover rates. Every time you have to recruit, hire and train someone new, that’s money out of your pocket. Resist the urge to rush the hiring process. Take your time to do it right. The stress your team is currently experiencing is just temporary, but the repercussions of hiring the wrong person can be long-lasting and far-reaching.

Get help.

Last, but certainly not least, working with an experienced veterinary recruiter can dramatically increase the likelihood of getting it right the first time. Of course, not all recruitment companies are created equal. We strongly recommend working with a firm that specializes exclusively in recruiting for the veterinary industry, as well as one that has a proven system in place for attracting and vetting the best candidates for the job. 

At Dream Team Elite, we’ve helped countless veterinary practices hire right the first time, every time, and we’d love the opportunity to do the same for you! Get in touch today to learn more or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.