DIY Hiring vs. Veterinary Recruiter – Which Should You Choose?

Recruiting for veterinary practices is a complicated task. You want to find the right team members who are skilled, who will fit in seamlessly with your practice culture and who will work well with both clients and patients. You may think it makes sense to handle this to-do item on your own, rather than hire a professional veterinary recruiter. The reality is, there are pros and cons to each option. Here’s what you need to consider in order to make the best decision for your practice.

DIY Hiring

Cost Savings – Obviously when you eliminate the need to pay a recruiter, you’ll cut down on internal costs. Keep in mind, however, that the time you’re spending on all the administrative details, like posting jobs, weeding through resumes, calling candidates and conducting preliminary interviews is worth something as well and could probably be better allocated elsewhere.

More Control – The idea of being able to handpick your best candidates may seem favorable to some, as it provides more control over the outcome. Of course, if you work with the right veterinary recruiting firm, they should be able to find the ideal candidates for you, based on your personal preferences and the unique needs of your practice.

Industry-Specific – Another reason many practice owners choose to handle their hiring in-house is because they feel recruiting firms don’t fully understand the uniqueness of the veterinary industry. While this is true in many cases, choosing to work with a recruiter who operates exclusively in the veterinary field eliminates this issue.

Veterinary Recruiter

Greater Reach – One of the nicest things about working with a veterinary recruiter is that they have access to already-established networks and larger candidate pools. And because this is what they do, day in and day out, they know the best places to locate the most qualified individuals. Rather than searching for a needle in a haystack, an experienced recruiter can find the hidden gems for you.

Faster – Hiring the right staff for your veterinary clinic isn’t something you can do in a couple of days. It can take weeks, sometimes even months to sift through the mountain of available candidates and narrow down your selection to those who would be the best fit. Meanwhile, you’ve got an office that’s short-staffed. Recruiters can dramatically cut this processing time down so you can fill your open positions faster.

Better Resource Allocation – The time you spend weeding through applicants and all the other minute tasks associated with the hiring process could be much better spent focusing on things like improving client experience and growing your business. With a veterinary recruiter, you only have to invest the amount of time it takes to choose the candidate you like best from an already whittled down list.

For huge companies with entire departments dedicated to the Human Resource function, hiring in-house may be a viable option. For busy veterinary practices – most of which are run as lean and optimized as possible – working with a veterinary recruiter just makes more sense.

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