About to Make an Offer to a New Candidate? Here’s What NOT to Do

As with most blogs, our veterinary recruiting resources tend to focus a lot on best practices for hiring staff. It can be equally important to also understand what not to do in certain instances. By learning from the mistakes made by others who have gone before you, you can proactively avoid making those same blunders in your own practice. That said, one area to pay particular attention to is that of extending offers to new candidates. Here are a few no-no’s to help ensure a more positive experience.

Don’t try to lowball.

Obviously the goal of any veterinary recruiting endeavor is to end up with the best candidate at the best possible price, but if you try to go too low in your offer, you could end up losing out on a good opportunity. This is particularly the case in today’s market, since the demand for qualified veterinary professionals is so high. Offering a candidate’s “minimum salary requirement” could easily price you right out of the running, as could offering only what a candidate is currently making.

Instead, focus on the value that you believe the candidate will bring to your practice. If they’re worth a certain offer, then extend that offer. And if you don’t feel they’ll bring all that much value, perhaps you shouldn’t be considering them in the first place.

Don’t wait too long.

As mentioned above, we’re currently operating in a candidate’s market. That means your competitors are also trying to find top talent for their clinics. If you hold off on making an offer to a candidate you like, chances are you’ll miss the boat altogether.

This can be a tricky one, especially if you’re interviewing multiple candidates. You want to keep those you’re interested in engaged in the interim. This is why creating a great candidate experience is so important. Staying in touch, being responsive and keeping your prospects informed are all important things to do while you weigh your options.

Do your best to manage the process efficiently so you’ll be able to strike while the iron is hot and land the best candidate for the role.

Don’t underestimate the power of perks.

When considering a job offer, today’s employees take into account much more than just salary. Benefits and perks are also strong motivators for choosing one employer over another. In addition to things like health insurance, retirement planning and paid time off, think of other ways you reward your practice employees.

For instance, team building events, flexible schedules or even just having lunch catered once or twice a month can all make your practice more attractive to someone who is evaluating job offers. As such, make sure you’re properly showcasing these benefits and perks when extending an offer to a prospect.

Another important factor to point out is that if you’re working with a veterinary recruiting firm, like Dream Team Elite, it might be wise to allow the recruiter to extend the offer rather than doing so directly. The experience and expertise of a professional recruiter can increase the chances of a prospect saying ‘yes.’

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