5 Ways to Set Your New Hire Up for Success

Veterinary recruiting doesn’t just end when the candidate accepts your offer. The next, and perhaps most important step is onboarding that new employee. The initial experience a new worker has can mean the difference between a positive, long-term addition to the team and a quick, uneventful exit. That being said, let’s take a look at a few specific things you can do to help your new employees hit the ground running and headed in the right direction.

Reinforce the fact that you both made the right decision.

When someone accepts a job offer, there is usually some degree of apprehension, even if only due to the fact that it’s something new and unknown. In other words, your new hire may very well be wondering right off the bat whether he or she made the right decision. Overcome this early by making the new employee feel welcome, providing adequate training and support and listening to and addressing any concern he or she may have. When you invest in their success right away, you’ll make them feel wanted, which will demonstrate that you believe you made the right choice as well.

Follow through with your promises.

During the veterinary recruiting process, chances are you ‘sold’ the value of working for your practice. This value proposition very well may be the reason your new hire chose you over the other opportunities he or she was presented with. For instance, perhaps you shared what a fun, upbeat and supportive culture your practice has. Make sure that the moment your new employee arrives, those differentiators you showcased are present.

Set expectations.

Don’t just throw your new hires to the wolves and expect them to fend for themselves. Set them up for instant and sustainable success by setting clear expectations right from the start. What do you want from them and what should they expect in return from you? What are your short term and long term goals and how will that new candidate contribute to meeting those objectives? The more you clearly define and communicate these expectations, the easier it will be for your new star to shine.

Show them where they fit.

Today’s top talent doesn’t just want to go to work every day and go through the motions. They want to feel like what they’re doing has meaning and makes a difference. In addition to the impact your new employee will have on the lives of pets and their owners, you should make it abundantly clear exactly how each worker fits in with the big picture. This provides a purpose and generates ownership which will drive the ongoing success of your practice and everyone who works within.

Keep the doors of communication open.

Your new hire will look to you (or other leaders within the clinic) for guidance and support as he or she settles into the role. It’s critical that open, honest feedback is provided on a regular basis. The new employee (and any employee for that matter) should always feel as though questions are welcome and will be answered promptly.

Good veterinary recruiting extends beyond the initial paperwork and new hire orientation. It takes an effort to get your new employee settled in and feeling confident about his or her decision to join your team. By investing in onboarding, not only will you be setting up your new hires for success, but you’ll also be laying the foundation for a more profitable future for your practice.